Coco Peat

Grow Bags

The most sought-after product in soilless culture under controlled environments. Since more and more growers in the world are moving away from soil, the demand for our high quality grow-bags has increased tremendously. Our grow bags has proven its performance, durability and reliability beyond any doubt in the marketplace for over a decade and are accepted by growers around the planet without hesitation.

Invaluable benefits to growers:

  • Stability of structure during culture
  • Steers your crops for maximum yield and fruit quality
  • Equally good for vegetables, flowers and fruits
  • Minimizes the risk of disease with stronger plants
  • Purpose-made slabs with pre-cut plants/ drain holes reduce labor costs in installation
  • Ideal air water ratio
  • Optimizes the use of water and fertilizer
  • Faster and dense root establishment due to porous structure
  • Fully organic environmentally-friendly substrate with no disposal problems
  • User-friendly product
  • Convenient and cost-effective transportation and storage of compressed slabs

All products are manufactured using high quality selected raw material with detail attention to the needs of the growers with a view to giving them the maximum flexibility in application.

Coco Disk

Ideal Product for Gerbera, Orchid, Lace leaf and other pot plants. Easy application and reduced labor cost in pot filling. Could be manufactured to match different pot sizes and product could be supplied in different air/water ration, particle structures for different cultures.

Material Type :Standard Basic, Husk Chips
Dimension :Could be manufactured to the specifications of the client to suit his growing needs
Material Type :In crates/pallets or corrugated boxes and stacked on pallets

Coir Briquette

Compression ratio :7:1
Size :20x10x5cm
Weight :650g +/- 2%
Reconstituted Volume :8 to 9 liters

1.Retail Pack

Individually shrink-wrapped with customer's label and 24 such briquettes per corrugated carton, for department stores/garden centers to re-sell to households.

850 carton per 20'FCL

2.Bulk Pack

2080 briquettes stacked on pallets, stretched-wrapped for compost makers, professional nurseries and Landscapers who would crush the brick, wet-up, mix with nutrients or other relevant organic compost

Coco Blocks

Most economical product for containerized transportation, it could be re-constituted by adding water.

Material Type :Washed/Unwashed, Coir Fiber Dust [Coco Peat], Husk Chips or Mixed blocks
Compression ratio :4:1
Moisture content :20% max
Reconstituted Volume :Between 12-15 liter/Kg (cbm/MT) depending on the type of the material
Packaging :Bales will be stacked on pallets & stretch wrapped and strapped

Coir Pot

Coir posts are machine compressed and available in various sizes depending on the client’s applications.


  • 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable
  • Pots can be used along with Coco Discs as a readymade potting media for seedling in nurseries.
  • Being biodegradable seedling can be transplanted to the soil along with the pot itself
  • Plant roots will grow through the post walls, encouraging a strong root system
  • No transplanting shock
  • High tensile strength and high lignin contents
  • Moderates moisture and increase microbial activity

Coir Husk Chips

A range of particle sizes to suit a wide array of horticultural applications. Our coco husk chips are intensely washed to ensure that the product is low in EC and the color (tannin) is removed.

Material Type :S, SS, SSS
Compression ratio :2:1
Moisture content :30 – 35%
Break-up Volume :S – 140 – 150 liters
SS – 180-190 liters
SSS – 200 – 210 liters
Packing :Custom packaging according to the requirement

25g bags of Coco Peat

This serves as the most convenient and handy product for commercial growers for applications such as mixing with soil and making their own potting mixtures.

Due to low compression ratio, it could be easily convertible into ready to use loose material. Thus it is ideal for direct use by the growers.

Material Type :Standard Coir Fiber Dust [Coco Peat] or mixed bags
Compression ratio :2.5: 1 (Due to low compression ratio it is easy to break and convert into loose coco peat without adding water)
Moisture content :30 - 35%
Packing :In printed polythene bags
Break-up Volume :Over 226 liters (without adding water) per bag of 25 kgs. (When 30 – 35 liters of water is added it provides over 300 liters) break-up volume will depend on the type of mixtures

Mini Garden

This product is for hobby gardening market

Material Type :Standard Coco peat with slow release fertilizer
Moisture content :Below 20%
Packing :Each slab will be packed in Co-Extruded printed bags and stacked on pallets

Home Pack

Compact Coco Potting Soil (Home Pack) is fertilized. When water is added, the contents of the bag expand and are transformed into ready-to-use potting soil. The potting soil contains a carefully selected blend of nutrients which last for several months.

Material Type :Standard basic or coarse material
Weight :65 grams / 305 grams / 610 grams / 1.2 kg
Packing :Each block packed in 200 - 300 gauge handle cut HDPE bags with a label and stacked on standard pallets with cardboard corners