High-Tech Agriculture Solutions

High Tech Agriculture

Despite the rich agricultural history dating back more than 2500 years, Sri Lanka has been facing many challenges in establishing a sustainable agricultural system in the country in the context of securing safe, quality and value added agricultural products. While modernizing of conventional low-tech agricultural practices and dealing with toxic residuals in soil due to prolonged application of chemicals are the most needed issues to be attended, coping up with climatic change that would likely to create a series of challenging issues in farming is also a major concern.

Kingstar Join hands with its global partners to provide sustainable solutions to upgrade Sri Lankan agriculture.

Product and Services
  • Fully bio-decomposing rich compost plant equipment and installation
  • Bacillus Subtilis natural soil microbes propagation technologies
  • Farm Traceability Systems.
  • Digital pen system technologies
  • Plant stress controlling and controlled harvesting technologies
  • Fruit and vegetable packaging systems
  • Dehydration Systems for fruit and vegetable
Japan Sri Lanka Collaborative Farm

Collaborative Farm Snapshots
Fruits from Green First Farm